So… This is my first film blog! I’ve been loving film for as long as I can remember, and it just seemed that blogging was a natural next step. I have seen A Knight’s Tale about three times, and it’s a film I love!

Why do I love it? Well, Heath Ledger for a start. He even manages to pull of dreadlocks, goddamnit. But other than that, I think the thing which made me smile about this film the most was the sound track. Usually with films about medieval knights we hear some traditional music, lute players and so forth. But one of the first songs we hear in this movie is ‘We Will Rock You’. Now that breaks the mould a little. Not to mention the pretty awesome ‘Golden Years’ by David Bowie dance scene.

The cast, other than Ledger, is a great one too. Alan Tudyk plays the red headed short tempered companion of our hero, and as a Firefly fan I couldn’t help but yell out “Wash!” when I saw him. Paul Bettany also stars as a destitute writer who helps three peasants fake William Thatcher’s (Heath Ledger) nobility and enter a jousting competition. And we first see him butt-naked.

So, what’s the story? As previously mentioned, it’s about four blokes, one of which is competing in a jousting competition under the name ‘Ulrich Von Leichtenstein’. Naturally he falls madly in love with a mysterious and beautiful woman, despite not knowing her name, and when he finds it out he attempts to win her love by winning jousting competitions. Two obstacles stand in his way to glory: His true identity as a thatcher’s son, and the obviously evil Count Adhemar.

The overall verdict comes next, I suppose. Funny script, great characters, unusual sound track. The plot is a bit predictable, admittedly, but what’s a fun movie without a bit of cliché? I would give this film four and a half stars, and recommend it to anyone who asked.