So, since Fringe has ended I’ve been looking for something sci-fi to watch on TV. Following the antics of Dexter’s Julie Benz and Warehouse 13’s Jaime Murray (HG Wells is a woman, best twist in history ever!) I heard of a new multi-media platform game/ show, Defiance.    


When I first checked it out it looked like a mix between Firefly and the bar in Star Wars with all of the strange species’. The cast looked good, Jaime Murray, Julie Benz, Grant Bowler, Stephanie Leonidas, Tony Curran…

What did I think of the pilot? It was fun, a tough looking guy and a slightly orangey alien with big eyes singing along to Johnny Cash in one of the first few scenes was enough to make me want to know more. Although the characters are pretty standard, (The newly appointed and struggling mayor, the tough ex-soldier, Lady Macbeth, the gangster king, Romeo and Juliet, the ninja warrior with psychic powers…) it was interesting to see the relations between the different species’, the rivalry between different people and how the creators totally changed Earth into a melting pot of ‘Jesus what the hell is that thing?’, ‘I like that alien’s blue hair’ and ‘Please put some clothes on!’

It’s pretty much an immigration story, we tackle the issues raised by the mixing of different cultures and religions, what with the very strict and monotheistic Castithans living along side the very loose and many beliefs of the Irathients.



Image There are seven species’ of Votan now living on Earth, one of which is the extremely hated and rarely seen ‘Volge’ whom we encounter in the pilot episode. Mixed in with the native humans, there is bound to be issues, they can’t seem to just have a calm drink in the local brothel, the Need Want, together and settle their issues.

I’m pretty much up to date with the episodes which have aired in America so far, and although at the beginning the character’s weren’t very developed, later episodes have drawn me further in and made me enjoy the show a lot more, despite the fact that the special effect ‘Hellbugs’ really aren’t the best quality!

Verdict: So far, 4/5. It’s fun, a lot of it is very smart, and the occasional boring sub-plot can be excused.