I saw The Great Gatsby last weekend at a small university theatre, the closest cinema to where I live. Having read reviews on this movie I’d established that it was best to go into this film and to think of it as an entity of its own, not a film version of the book, or a remake of the 1974 Robert Redford movie. Image

The first section of the film felt extremely rushed, as if they were trying to get through as much plot-building as possible in the first hour, and then dragged out the second section as if the director (Baz Luhrmann) wanted it to bleed out in a painful and very slow death. One thing I did love was the coloring, it was unusual, very bright and vivid. The entire movie was like watching a comic book on steroids, even the shot compositions and cinematography was like watching an anime or manga. At first I wasn’t sure wether I was enjoying the odd coloring, but eventually decided that it was quite interesting.


The attempt to modernize the film was very weak, the best it was able to do was to have a few outrageous dance moves and dubstep music for the characters to jolt around to. The acting was fine, there was nothing wrong with it, but I didn’t care for any of the characters. I did not feel sorry for Mr. Gatsby, and I definitely did not believe that Tobey Maguire was playing a miserable and alcoholic man. Some of the story telling was very vague, Luhrmann had managed to drag out the second half of the film, yet kept much of the explanation for Mr. Gatsby’s great wealth very unclear. 

Verdict: Although, at times, visually stunning, quite shallow and a miserable attempt at modernizing a classic book. 2.5/5.