It’s Romeo and Juliet with Zombies. I bought this movie at a five for £30 offer purely because I hadn’t seen it before and I’d heard some good things. It tells the story of R (Nicholas Hoult), a young man in his early twenties, quiet and thoughful, but not very good in social situations. Oh, and he’s a zombie so that might hinder his ability to meet girls. He does so, however, meet Julie (Teresa Palmer), a human who lives in a camp of survivors.


This really, is like no other zombie movie I have seen. It’s sweet, heart-warming and endearing. But like most films of this sort, it is flawed. I personally get irritated by constant voice-overs, but I suppose that is just a normal issue when adapting a book which is told from the perspective of one of the characters. Also, the relationship created (other than the zombie bit, obviously) isn’t very original. Sensitive boy tries to get the affection of a girl he likes by doing nice things for her (you know, saving her from getting eaten and stuff), only it seems she doesn’t quite feel the same way. Especially when she finds out that he ate her boyfriend. So, it doesn’t do anything new for the romantic genre… but it does have an interesting take on the Zombie genre.

R is shown as a sweet guy who just can’t express himself for lack of really being able to talk. It gives Zombies a conscience, and frankly I thought that doing a zombie film from the perspective, or at least partially from the perspective, of a zombie was a great idea.


Naturally, the funniest characters were the best friends of R and Julie, M (Rob Corddry) and Nora (Analeigh Tipton) always managed to lighten up a scene and make it funny. One of my personal favourite scenes is when Nora plays ‘Pretty Woman’ when Julie gives R a makeover so that he looks human.

Verdict: So, overall an interesting premise, it is funny and charming and an original take on the zombie genre. Although it has it’s flaws I really enjoyed this film and would be happy to watch it again. 4/5 stars.