Another one of the many DVD’s I obtained over christmas, I thought I would give this a go. It kind of looks and feels like an 80’s action film, no huge CGI explosions or endless destruction. There were slow moments of suspense, the classic wondering who you can trust and wether or not one of the good guys is going to turn out to be a bad guy.

'The law had limits. He does not.'

‘The law had limits. He does not.’

The basic premise is that an expert sniper shoots six bullets from a building, and kills 5 people. Police investigate and very easily find a culprit to whom all the evidence points. They think, ‘Hey, that was easy!’ and then instead of confessing, the guy writes a note saying ‘Get Jack Reacher’. Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise)  is an ex-military investigator who seems to have dropped off the map. Weirdly, he just turns up, however he has the intention of burying the guy rather than helping him. He starts to work with defence lawyer Helen Rodin (Rosamund Pike) who is also the daughter of the prosecutor, Alex Rodin (Richard Jenkins), and it soon becomes obvious that someone is trying to frame Jack Reacher as well as the military sniper.

Jack Reacher and Helen Rodin look intense.

Jack Reacher and Helen Rodin look intense.

So, this was a pretty solid film. As many reviewers would say, it’s not incredible but you can sit down and watch it. There are always going to be people who say that the book is way better, but let’s face it, they are different mediums so there are always going to be differences. I believe that this film is actually based on the eighth book of the series, ‘One Shot’, by Lee Child. I could watch this again, the fight scenes were actually quite funny when you saw this one guy beating up a bunch of other guys outside of a bar, and it did keep me guessing as to which good guy was actually a bad guy.

One thing that I couldn’t believe was… all these women find Tom Cruise attractive!? Well, I supposed it depends on the women… and although Cruise didn’t initially fit in with the character profile of Reacher, who is supposed to be immensely tall, his wit and delivery of lines was enough to make me laugh and root for the character. 

Ladies man.

Ladies man.

The bad guy was creepy. I was kind of pleased with the way that Reacher dealt with him in the end, but sometimes I felt that they didn’t really delve deep enough into the villain, as I felt I simply didn’t know enough about him. The bit where he tried to force another man to bite off his own fingers was gross though. 

It’s a good film, not spectacular, but good. There were some good bits of humour and enough suspense to keep you engaged, and I definitely like the fact that it wasn’t as overly-explosive as many other recent action films are, with God-knows how many civilian casualties.

Verdict: Entertaining and good enough to just sit down and watch it without being bored for an evening. 3.5/5