I saw this was showing on Tv a couple of nights ago and thought that I could watch it on a rainy night when I had nothing to do. Well last night was really rainy (Good ol’ England) so I put it on. ‘The Adjustment Bureau’ is a romantic sci-fi thriller starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.


‘They stole his future, now he’s taking it back’

The first thing I thought whilst watching it was that the two leads were actually really likeable. Matt Damon’s character, a politician named David Norris seemed like a really nice guy. My God, if only all politicians were like him. However he does have the fundamental flaw of ruining things when he gets really close to succeeding. Elise is a woman he meets in the men’s (yes men’s) bathroom who had just crashed a wedding and was now hiding out from security. She overhears him practising a speech and eventually decides to reveal that she has been hiding in a stall. She gives him the inspiration to make the best speech of his life… and makes out with him. Elise Sellas is really funny. She’s the kind of person who you’d really want to be friends with.

It's not every day you meet the woman of your dreams hiding in the men's room.

It’s not every day you meet the woman of your dreams hiding in the men’s room.

The couple keep meeting, only this does not please the Adjustment Bureau, who want to split them up. Why? Because it’s not part of the plan. Because they keep straying off the paths they’re meant to take. So David Norris gets a friendly visit from some threatening and Observer-from-Fringe-like people and is warned not to meet with her again. Oh, but that doesn’t stop our hopeless romantic… he rides the same bus for 3 years hoping to meet her again. As Richardson (John Slattery), says: ‘Who does that?’

Looking sinister in the magic hats.

Looking sinister in the magic hats.

Now, the Observers (This is what I’m calling them now because it is SO much shorter than saying ‘The people in the hats from the Adjustment Bureau’, or even ‘The Adjustment Bureau’) have magical hats that allow them to walk through one door and come out of another, only this time it’s in a completely different place to where they started. This allows them to travel much quicker than us and, SPOILER ALERT, at one point Matt Damon gets a magical hat from a nice Observer. He races to find Elise and to attempt to change the ominous sounding ‘Plan’ and save their relationship. I think.

Matt Damon rocking the magic hat look.

Matt Damon rocking the magic hat look.

The plot was good… it went off a little bit towards the middle but then regained it’s power towards the end. The banter between Elise and David was entertaining, the storyline was good and the acting was very good. The way that big, horrible, historical events such as the Holocaust and the Cuban Missile Crisis was linked into the destiny of humanity and free will was very clever. In fact, it was quite an intelligent film. I definitely found myself thinking ‘This is just like a Philip K. Dick story’, and then after further research I found that, of course, it is actually based on a Philip K. Dick short story called ‘The Adjustment Group’.

Verdict: It was a good film, intelligent, with very likeable characters. Unfortunately, for me, it dipped off a little in the middle but ended well. It was good for making you think wether you’d stay with the person you love the most if you knew it could ruin both of your lives. 4/5