Committed to Celluloid


Hello everybody! Welcome to yet another edition of Scattered Frames, where I highlight a very eclectic trio of films, including the late James Gandolfini’s final performance, a worthy action sequel and an eye-opening documentary. Check it out!


Enough Said: There are worse notes to go out on and James Gandolfini was very lucky that this one will be remembered as his last performance on film. A simple dramedy with solid writing and impressive work from him and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, both very understated and effective. The climax drips with awkwardness in another winner from Nicole Holofcener. 3.5/5


Blackfish: I grew up going to SeaWorld at least once a year, so watching this doco about the danger of keeping orcas in captivity made me feel dirty and ashamed. Gabriela Cowperthwaite has directed an eye-opening, heartwrenching account of the physical and mental abuse humans can subject their fellow animals to…

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