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drinking buddies

Starring: Olivia Wilde, Jake Johnson, Anna Kendrick

Genre: Comedy/ Drama

Luke (Johnson) and Kate (Wilde) are co-workers at a Chicago brewery that get on extremely well; their subtle flirting with each other both at work and on nights out suggest an obvious attraction. However he is in a long term relationship with Jill and the two are discussing marriage, while Kate (Kendrick) is in a relationship with the introverted Chris (Ron Livingston). After the four go on a weekend retreat obvious attractions between both alternate couples seem apparent, but sometimes obvious attraction is not enough and hearts can still be broken in less obvious ways.

The concept does not exactly sound original does it? Well it most certainly isn’t and I must confess that at first when our four characters go on a holiday retreat together, that and a few other slightly contrived narrative developments suggest Drinking Buddies to be…

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