Books will always be adapted into movies, Frankenstein (1931), Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961), Jurassic Park (1993), but it has become the recent trend to take a series of books and drag one single book (usually the last one) over into more than one movie. I’m looking at you, Peter Jackson.

Not only does this force us to pay even MORE money to see our favourite novels adapted to the screen, but it’s also really annoying. One thing that a lot of directors today seem to have not come across is editing. You do not need to add meaningless drivel and pointless scenes, if you can’t do it in one go then you’re doing it wrong. Yes, some books are a little bit long, and yes, the director’s are allowed creative liberty in what they are doing, but ONE book does not require THREE movies. Just cut out a little walking. That’s all I ask.

The problem is, that people will pay to go and see these movies. I know I will. Because once you are half way through the grand finale and the screen cuts to black you are sat there just wanting to see the end. What happens next? How will they show Harry and Voldemort’s show-down or Katniss fighting against the Capitol officials? You’ve kind of got to see these things through. You go into the movie all exited about this book you love so much being made into a film and then the movie industry just stops it right in the middle and says ‘We’ll find out what happens next after the year-long break!’ It probably wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t just a huge scam to get more money from cinema-goers. Even ahead of writing and filming these people decide they’re going to make 4 movies. Just look at the new Divergent, where it has been planned that the final book will, once again, be split into 2. Is that really necessary?

I’m a fan of concise story-telling. If you can write a good plot in 90 minutes then you sir, are a good film maker. If you have to pull the material so thin that you can practically see the screenwriters grasping at straws underneath then you should probably have a look at what you are doing and start again. I have even spoken to huge fans of series such as the Tolkien books and the Hunger Games who have groaned at the prospect of yet ANOTHER sequel, because they love the original material so much that they just don’t want someone messing around with it in order to make another film out of it.

So although I think some books do need more than just one film to get the story in, I think those that are unnecessary are just irritating, money-grabbing schemes. Sorry Hollywood.